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Senior Design Engineer
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Senior Design Engineer
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AutoCAD,GNIS,SmallWorld, ESRI ArcGIS, LodeData


·       Creates accurate network maps and detailed electronic construction prints. Prepares layouts, drawings and designs according to engineering specifications using GE small world

·       Designs Fiber to the Home projects, involving placement of splice cases and fiber by extracting data from database

·       Analyze and improve network of Fiber, Splice Enclosures, Towers, Antenna and other equipment using Quality Manager Tool

·       Special emphasis placed on cost effective application of software programs to assure compliance with project specifications and company standards.

·       Responsible for fiber availability and ring capacity checks, propose new routes, determination of redundancy requirements

·       Design copper routes and lay-out count including size and gauge of cable including: terminals, cross box, loop make-ups, rearrangement, bridge tap removal, circuit types & pair conditioning

·       Designs accurate network maps, layouts, drawings and detailed electronic construction prints for hybrid-fiber-coax (HFC) and backbone and PON overlay fiber optic networks

·       Document, test, and modify network operating systems to enhance efficiency and reliability

·       Responsible for creating designs, updating objects and levels in PNI (Physical Network Inventory database) GE Small world (GNIS)

·       Perform quality checks of mapping and network design and negotiate/approve design and/or construction changes

·       Responsible for applications dealing with the overall operating fiber design system, such as sophisticated file maintenance routines, large telecommunications networks, computer accounting and advanced scientific software packages.

·       Directs overall design and drafting development on projects and insure strict quality control measures to limit redline and drive accuracy.

·       Design extensions and complete small system redesigns, in accordance with customer design specifications

·       Design and develop automated systems/programs to satisfy business partner requirements by performing structured reviews of program/system design, reviewing test plans for the system, performing and reviewing application systems programming and testing, and reviewing system test results with business partners and development personnel

·       Process engineering change notices and orders, to ensure that all related work is complete/accurate and that all related documentation is acquired and routed properly

·       Provide detailed designs and engineering for all physical Inside Plant aspects on commercial customer product delivery projects

·       Study Design data, define test plans, and analyze test data and reports to determine if design meets functional and performance specifications

·       Designs cost effective line setup and staking specifications and cable and line extensions using GIS and CAD, along with associated integration software including designing and developing OSP equipment installation, modifications, and upgrades

·       Perform sustaining engineering by studying quality defects, suggesting corrective actions, and coordinating the efforts of all departments to implement design changes.

·       Prepare and maintains maps of the communication system, which accurately show location of all consumers, lines, devices, roads, and other background details

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